Throughout the last few months we’ve found ourselves thinking critically about the various themes of purpose, products and the people with whom ADORN resonates with, but there is one question that comes back time and time again, namely: who is the ADORN woman?

ADORN was created without any specific woman in mind. Instead, we focus on materials and the natural qualities they exhibit. The goal for ADORN is to be a line of fine jewelry that transcends age, background and style, providing a range of pieces that speak to women from all different walks of life. Whilst all possessing their own clear identities, what all these women have in common is a certain je ne sais quoi, a cool and self-confidence that we want to document and share with our community.

Introducing the ADORN Style Profiles – both an ode to our community, and an opportunity to learn from them. Watch this space for the first profiles, kicking off with the incredible Valentina Salmeri-Bijzet and Claire Nouy.


Header image © Sophie Wright